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          1. shipping resources - links to sites that offer valuable shipping information

            The INCOTERMS 2010 by the International Chamber Of Commerce. Official terms of delivery including explaining preambles.

            ZIP Codes / Postal Codes of the World
            Here you find ZIP Codes from all over the world.

            vesseltracker AIS live data  
            live vessel tracking

            USCG Vessel Search
            Search and find information on a specific vessel, including registration information and violations.

            Schedule B Information
            View and search Schedule B Information on-line.

            General home page for the Federal Aviation Administration.

            FAA Hazmat Safety
            Office of Hazardous Materials Safety, Federal Aviation Administration

            General home page for the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

            Search the site of the Food and Drug Administration.

            manufacturer of ISO certified high quality containers

            Embassy Worldwide
            Worldwide Embassies addresses and contacts